This week on Squad Talk I'm sharing some of my personal favs for info and inspiration.

So, you might be wondering with so many great websites / blogs for inspiration and tips why would I start "Squad Talk"?  I mean let's face it, I am a total noob compared to these fine ladies below and I'm sure you will find pretty quickly, I suck at writing, but I'm throwing that little thing to the curb and digging in because no matter where you live, your style or the place you are in your gun journey, you are my badass sisters, you inspire me, keep me going and let's face it, I love you all.  I want to know what does and doesn't work for you, how I can help you in designing products that make this busy, crazy world we live in easier for you.  While the topics and articles here at Squad Talk might not solve all the problems, I hope they will spark a conversation that will make your journey a little easier.

So let's grab a cup of coffee (or wine if its evening when you are getting to this) and let the adventure begin and don't forget to share the resources you turn to in the comments... you never know, it might be that perfect bit of advice one of our badass sisters could really use!

Shameless plug for my fav coffee, go get ya some! - Alpha Coffee

Julianna Crowder ~ Tips & Tactics

Tips & Tactics
While I have been in the industry a few years now, I still feel like a Noob out on the range, there is always a new weapon out there I haven't gotten to shoot (actually, let's be honest, I don't get out to the range as much as I should even with the ones I do own). So, Where do I go for tips and terminology that is easy to understand and gives me more confidence out at the range?  Well, I turn to Julianna Crowder, founder and the big heart behind A Girl and A Gun Club women's shooting league. Check out her new series Tips and Tactics on the NRA Women's website... it is.. AMAZING!

SureShots Magazine
SureShots Magazine
Magazines.. let's face it, the industry is catching on to the fact that we are here and here to stay, but, most still only give us a 2 or 3 page spread highlighting some products and tips here and there, but that's not the case with SureShots Magazine, it is completely dedicated to the women in the industry, from business owners to the noob that just purchased her first hand gun.  They are an amazing group of professional women (they too love their heels, handbags and lipstick) and are involved in all aspects of shooting from training to competition.  If you don't already, you have to subscribe to this one!  It's the ONLY magazine filled with amazing images of gun women, articles, highlights and seams how it's an online magazine, you can catch up on it anywhere your busy mom/professional life takes you!

Style Me Tactical
Style Me Tactical
One of my all time favorite blogs (and Instagram) to follow is Style Me Tactical.  When I started my journey into the relm of guns I was an urban professional with a closet full of heels, I only owned one pair of chucks for working in the yard and riding bikes with the kids.  I was that girl that lived in her heels and make-up.  I'm actually still that girl (still with only one pair of chucks), I just get the privilege now to also design products that make life easier for those of us wanting to be badass and look good while doing it.  So, I feel right at home when I'm taking a break over at, catching up on the latest post full of fashion and great tips for keeping your style while carrying a gun.

 Heels and Handguns

Heels and Handguns
Another great Blog to follow is Heels and HandGuns.  This is great resource for a multitude of information covering second amendment issues, tips and just a relaxed place to hang out.  You can also catch Lil on the We Like Shooting show. (yea, she 's that badass, hanging out with those guys while covering lots of different industry topics)

Thanks for taking a few minutes to hang out here at Squad Talk with me! Don't forget to please post below in the comments some of your favorite resources for tips, tactics and style!

be badass with style wherever you go!
💋 Sandi


  1. I just ran across your website and love what you are doing here. I have three niece's that I'm going to encourage visit your site. Please don't give up what you have started! You are doing a great job!

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